1962 356B/T6 Roadster Super 90

1962 356B/T6 Roadster Super 90


This is a beautiful Roadster that looks like a ton of fun to drive. Great weekend car for summer days. This twin grill roadster is very rare and probably worth about $250,000 so you might want to be careful with it while driving. Cruise the beach or perhaps a two lane country road. The 356A was introduced in 1955. Internally, the factory designated it the “Type 1″. Porsche enthusiasts today refer to them as a “T1″. Its predecessor was the original 356 and is successor was the 356B. This is a 356B/T6. The original 356 was made from 1948-1955 and they produced 7,627.┬áThere were 21,045 356A’s made between 1955 – 1959 and 30,963 356B’s made between 1959-1963. Production of the 356 model began to fall after 1963.

Some special facts about this car:
  • Only made approximately 252 of the 1962 twin grill roadster
  • Twin Grills
  • Exterior gas filler


View from the rear

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